My research has been funded by Fudan University, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Microsoft, Amazon, Tencent, Meituan, Big Bird Capital, QingCloud, Matestrip, Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai, Shanghai Pujiang Program, China’s State Key Lab. of Integrated Services Networks and China’s State Key Lab. of Computer Science. Before joining Fudan, I served as a Senior Personnel in NSF MobilityFirst project.

Past and ongoing projects:

Mining Online Developer Communities
Understanding the behavioral patterns of developers.

Cross-OSN User Behavior Analytics
Exploring the user behavior across multiple OSNs.

Qingyun Go: a WeChat Mini Program
A WeChat mini program, supporting various functions like check-ins, social discovery, mood recording and weather forecast.

Measurement and Analysis of Location-Based Social Networks (LBSNs)
Massive data-driven analytics of LBSNs including Foursquare, Dianping and Skout.

Global Co-Authorship Network
Building and analyzing a global co-authorship network using Google Scholar data.

PacketCloud: an Open Platform for Elastic In-network Services
PacketCloud utilizes a cloud-like environment to help both ISPs and third-party providers host elastic in-network services. PacketCloud serves as the “computing layer” of the MobilityFirst architecture.

Cuckoo: Scaling Microblogging Services
Cuckoo is a decentralized and social-aware microblogging middleware.

NCSim: Simulator for Decentralized Network Coordinate Algorithms
NCSim is a simulator for multiple decentralized network coordinate algorithms.

Phoenix: Weight-based Network Coordinate System Using Matrix Factorization
Phoenix is a matrix factorization based network coordinate system with high distance prediction accuracy.

Pharos: Hierarchical and decentralized Network Coordination System
Pharos is an accurate and incremental deployable network coordinate system. We have a Python based implementation of Pharos.